Naturecel 793, Naturebead White H20 Micro Powders Inc.

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Micro Powders will showcase several new products at NYSCC Suppliers’ Day in New York City (booth 1031) with an emphasis on the advantages of fine powders and exfoliants in skin care.

Naturecel 793 is a highly biodegradable and micro-plastic free talc replacement that not only functions as filler, but also creates a fresh natural look with luxurious PMMA-like aesthetics. Studies prove it provides superior soft focus performance over PMMA and polyethylene. This naturally derived cellulose acetate-based powder has worldwide cosmetic approval and is ideal for enhancing pressed and loose powders, color cosmetics, hot pours, and emulsion systems.

In a blind test of 15 participants to gauge consumer preference in a pressed powder containing Naturecel 793 vs. talc, 100% said they preferred the feel of Naturecel 793 over talc. 

Another new ingredient that will be showcased is an extension of the Color By Nature line of natural exfoliants. Naturebead White H20 (INCI: Hydrogenated castor oil) will round out the color selection by offering a spherical white exfoliant that can add a visual cue or gentle exfoliation in formulations. This 20 mesh, single INCI ingredient was developed with clean beauty in mind, composed of only hydrogenated castor oil, without any added pigments, dyes or synthetic colorants.

Naturescrub H80 is a new addition to the Naturescrub H series of naturally derived irregular exfoliants based on hydrogenated castor oil. This finer 80 mesh scrub gives formulators a great option for facial, lip or other exfoliation of sensitive skin. This and all other Micro Powders castor-based products are made exclusively with SuCCESS sustainable hydrogenated castor oil.

These new products, along with other formulator favorites, will be featured in a variety of skin care and cosmetic formulations to demonstrate the make-or-break differences that Micro Powders’ ingredients offer.

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