The Biggest Personal Care and Beauty Care Trends from in-cosmetics North America 2017


During last week’s in-cosmetics North America event at New York City’s Javits Center, industry professionals bustled from booth to booth learning all about the newest product concepts in the industry, while other attendees crowded around the Sensory Bar and Makeup Bar in order to interact with the recent cosmetic innovations on display. 

To say that the two-day event went by in a whirlwind of information would be an understatement, however, there were some reoccurring trends and innovations that stood out from the hectically moving crowd.

Mintel Takes Center Stage at the Innovation Zone

During the event, Mintel shared its top four global and personal care trends for 2017. Complete with live product demonstrations, attendees learned first-hand about trends and products making waves and shaping the industry.

“Active Beauty”

As women are becoming increasingly more active and exercising on a regular basis, the need for products that fit into their athletic lifestyle has never been higher. According to Mintel, 39% of U.S. women who use color cosmetics are frustrated by products that don’t last and 35% are frustrated by smudges.

Companies have responded to this growing trend by creating products specifically for runners, swimmers and workout junkies. Products such as shampoo and leave-in treatments have been created to help consumers protect their hair before and after activity, while cosmetic products, including mascara, foundation, lip glosses and highlighters, are sporting sweat-proof claims.

“Back to Basics”

Mintel described an upward shift in consumers’ desires for products in traditional or classic formats and created by using basic and familiar ingredients. This “minimalist” beauty movement is evident both in the U.S. and abroad. In the U.S., 43% of skin care consumers are looking for products with simple instructions. In France, 58% of female skin care users usually follow a simple skin care routine.

Compact product lines with multifunctional products, such as a 3-in-1 powder that functions as a cleanser, exfoliator and mask, often have the simplicity that many consumers are looking for.

“Damsels in De-stress”

Products are now offering more than just skin, hair and cosmetic benefits, companies are exploring how their products can help consumers achieve a sense of calm and well-being. Products focused on relieving stress may see an increase in demand because, according to Mintel, 49% of U.S. women aged 18-34 say stress impacts the appearance of their skin.

Products with ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients and products with aromatherapy benefits may be what consumers reach for when opting for a relaxing experience.

“Beauty Round the Clock”

According to Mintel, beauty companies have been moving towards creating products that cater to different times of the day and different activities, resulting in a 24/7 routine. In fact, 44% of Chinese women are adding more skin care routines such as lunchtime treatments.

Trends Currently On Top

Amid the hustle and bustle of the tradeshow floor, Cosmetics & Toiletries was able to meet up with Tim Dooling, managing director of Azelis Americas Personal Care/Homecare & Industrial Cleaning and Shannon Vondrak, development manager of Azelis Americas Personal Care/Homecare & Industrial Cleaning, to hear their opinions on what trends are shaping the industry.

Dooling explained that with an increase in regulations comes a surge of companies opting for more sustainable formulations. He has also seen an increase in demand for more multi-cultural options in beauty in personal care. With the world as selfie-obsessed as ever, customization in color cosmetics has reached a new high, consumers want products they know will look good on them and that will translate well on a smartphone camera. 

Vondrak said active ingredients are remaining in-demand as consumers will continue to want products with long-lasting color and products with anti-aging benefits. She stressed that when dealing with products of this nature, companies need to have the data to back up their claims. 

Winter is Coming to the Beauty and Personal Care Industry 

Heat, UV rays and infrared light have been hot topics in the industry for a while, however, some companies are starting to take notice of the opposing temperature: the cold. Ingredients derived from the Artic and other extremely frigid climates have been popping up around the industry. The cold itself can cause stress in the skin and can compromise the integrity and the physiology of the skin. Studies to further understand the effect the cold has on skin cells have also been becoming more mainstream.

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