Rahn Utilizes Dermatest to Conduct Safety Assessments on Cosmetic Actives

Rahn has partnerred with Dermatest to facilitate the preparation of product information files (PIF) for their customers in compliance with Regulation (EC) No.1223/2009.

Since July 2013, the regulation has required manufacturers of cosmetic products to prepare a PIF, including a cosmetic product safety assessment. However, the preparation of safety assessments and the collection of data to calculate parameters such as exposure to ingredients and margin of safety (MoS) are sometimes challenging for cosmetic producers. Rahn's intention to assist its customers in the laborious preparation of the cosmetic product safety assessment has led to a collaboration with the German research institute Dermatest.

The experienced safety assessors from Dermatest conducted exposure assessments for Rahn's cosmetic actives and evaluated their toxicological profile (e.g. NOAEL values) with emphasis on MoS calculation. These detailed safety assessments are now available for most of the company's actives upon request.

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