HallStar Offers Webinars to Assist Users with Its Products

The HallStar Company has launched a series of free, on-demand webinars to teach compounders and formulators how to integrate its products into plasticizer and personal care applications. The educational series—part of the company's online media system StarNet — is available from any computer with an Internet connection.

According to the company, the webinars were launched to reach technical personnel all over the world. Each webinar is crafted to address specific issues in personal care and polymer additives sectors. For example, the sun care webinars cover the theories and solutions to photostabilize sun protection products. A company scientist presents each webinar. He or she discusses technical properties and demonstrates how they can be put to work in real-world products to solve problems and optimize performance.

Current titles for personal care formulators include:

• Patented Photostabilizing Strategies for Sun Care: HallBrite BHB & Spectrasolv DMDA
• Patented Photostabilizing Strategies for Sun Care: Polycrylene
• Patented Photostabilizing Strategies for Sun Care: SolaStay S1
• HallBrite BHB for Color Cosmetics

Titles for polymer additive compounders include:

• Improved Performance Properties in Vamac: TegMeR 812
• Paraplex Approach: Custom Engineered Plasticizers

The company will be adding webinars in the coming months to meet their customers’ needs.

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