P&G Defends Herbal Essences Against Patent Infringement

Procter and Gamble (P&G) once again has filed a patent suit defending its Herbal Essences brand. The company has filed the suit against RNA Corp. for intellectual property infringement relating to the Herbal Essences brand.

P&G has requested that the US Federal District Court in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA order RNA to cease distribution of all shampoo and conditioner products under the names Hydrating Herbal Shampoo and Hydrating Herbal Conditioner. P&G finds that RNA's products copy the bottle design and packaging of its brand. P&G further demands that all such products be removed from shelves and bottle molds be destroyed.

In January 2008, P&G filed a similar suit against Blue Cross Laboratories for trade dress infringement, concerning the distribution of the California-based manufacturer’s Herbal Passion brand.

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