BASF Appoints Ross Organic to Distribute in West Coast US

BASF Corp. has named Ross Organic the distributor for its personal care business in California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. The agreement went into effect Nov. 1, 2013, and Ross will become the exclusive distributor effective Jan. 16, 2014.

The products that are included in the agreement are: Arlypon, Avanel, Bisabolol, Bronidox, Cegesoft, Cetiol, Cibafast, Comperlan, Copherol, Cosmedia, Covi-ox, Covitol, Cremophor, Cutina, Dehydol, Dehymuls, Dehyquart, Dehyton, Edeta, Emulgade, Eumulgin, Euperlan, Eutanol, Generol, Gluadin, Hispagel, Irgacare, Irgasan, Jordapon, Lameform, Lamepon, Lamesoft, Lanette, Lantrol, Luviflex, Luvigel, Luvimer, Luviquat, Luviset, Luviskol, Luvitol, Monomuls, Myritol, Neutrol, Nutrilan, Phytol, Plantacare, Plantapon, Plantaren, Plantasil, Pluracare, RetiSTAR, Rheocare, Salcare, Sulfopon, Texapon, Tinogard, Tinosorb, Tinovis, Ultrahold, Uvinul and Z-Cote.

“We look forward to servicing the western region with the BASF product line”, said Stephanie Leshney, president and CEO of Ross Organic. “It’s an honor to be aligned with the largest, most comprehensive specialty ingredients manufacturer in the personal care industry.”

“The selection was made based on the distributor’s strength in the west coast region as well as its expertise in the personal care market segment. We are very pleased with this new agreement and look forward to working closely with Ross Organic,” said Eduardo Padilla, director of corporate distribution for BASF North America.

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