ESSEC Business School Launches Beauty Program with Estée Lauder, IFF and Nocibe

Photo courtesy ESSEC Facebook.
Photo courtesy ESSEC Facebook.

ESSEC Business School, based in Paris, will launch its first beauty program, Leading a Beauty Brand, in a joint partnership with the Estée Lauder Companies, IFF and Nocibé (Douglas Group), with the goal of inspiring future leaders in the beauty industry.

Véronique Drecq, ESSEC marketing professor, will supervise the program, which will attempt to impart knowledge and tools for building careers in marketing, communications, retail and brand leadership to its students.

Beginning in the January 2020 term, Leading a Beauty Brand will explore the breadth and scope of the industry, its trends and ongoing evolution and the necessary skills for being a brand leader.

“The goal is to give students the right keys to successfully lead a beauty brand and thrive in this exciting industry,” said Drecq. “It is about preparing our students to be leaders in a growing globalization context where understanding the nuances of the beauty industry across the world has become essential."

“Partnering to develop the leaders of tomorrow with such prestigious and successful companies like The Estée Lauder Companies and Nocibé/Douglas is a real privilege,” said Christophe de Villeplée, IFF’s senior vice president consumer fragrance. “I strongly believe that this chair will positively contribute to the lives of the students for all they will learn and will also benefit the beauty industry with well-trained and passionate practitioners.”

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