[video] How to Get Listed in Our Free Cosmetics & Toiletries Bench Reference (CBR)


Get listed for FREE in our Cosmetics & Toiletries Bench Reference—the open-access, continuously updated online industry directory dedicated to cosmetic ingredients and prototype formulas.

Here, users request product samples, review MSDS literature and brochures, and connect directly with raw material and service providers. Be there as they actively search.

Also, listings in the directory are published in our magazine formularies, e-books and more. You can't get a much better "bang for your buck." (Hello, $0).

This step-by-step video demo walks you through the ins and outs of the update process. It's a self-updated system, so it relies on your input. (Note: Editors review updates in an approval queue but submissions are supplier-uploaded).

Time stamps for each "lesson" include:

  • 0:00-9:10 min Account Creation, Login, Contact Info, Company Type(s)
  • 9:10-18:12 min Ingredients, Functions and Market Claims
  • 18:12-28:29 min Entering Prototype Formulas
  • 28:29 min–end Where Your Ingredients and Formulas Are Published

Newly Added Claims and Functions

Already listed with us? Great! Just know that we've recently added some new ingredient claims and functions to reflect market reality. This makes your offerings even more relevant to our engaged audience.

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Ingredient Claims:

  1. Microbiome Care
  2. Blue Light Protection
  3. Mood Influencer/Neurocosmetic
  4. CBD Isolate
  5. CBD Broad-spectrum
  6. Fair Trade
  7. COSMOS/Ecocert Compliant
  8. Food Grade
  9. Vegan
  10. Anti-pollution

Ingredient Functions:

  1. Infrared Filter
  2. Blue/Visible Light Filter

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Problems Updating?

Contact the directory administrator or your business development manager.

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