Beiersdorf Analyzes Consumer Skin at Its New Eucerin Skin Institute

On Feb. 3, 2012, Beiersdorf opened its first Eucerin Skin Institute, a retail store in Hamburg that will also offer a skin diagnosis with personalized treatment.

The institute can analyze a consumer's skin with its Skin Code Reader, a device that can be used to assess the consumer's skin type and needs. The device was developed in collaboration with the Hamburg Dermatologikum's Volker Steinkraus, MD, and Eucerin's R&D director, Klaus-Peter Wittern. Once the reader determines the individual's skin code, this code is entered in a skin register and used to create individually tailored care and treatment plans. The company plans to use the reader to anonymously collect skin data from volunteers that they can then analyze on a long term basis. They aim to create the world’s largest skin database to support product development and create better products for consumers.

The institute is located in the Alten Oberpostdirektion building at Hamburg's Stephansplatz, which also houses the Dermatologikum Hamburg and the Pharmacy at the Dermatologikum. In addition to its consumer offerings, the institute also provides a skin competence center where dermatologists and pharmacists can learn about the brand and about the subject of skin itself.

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