Supplier Requests Proposals for Innovative Cosmetic Actives

NineSigma Request has published a request for innovative active ingredients for cosmetics. "Innovative Active Ingredients Having Cosmetic Potential" (RFP# 67803) was published on behalf of a raw material supplier looking for organic compounds or natural extracts with nutritional value that currently are being developed for cosmetic use or potentially can be developed for cosmetic use.

The raw material should be an organic ingredient with a MW <500, with a MW <350 preferred. It can be a small peptide consisting of less than six amino acids or a natural extract from plants or marine origin. The material can be a pure substance extracted or synthesized by chemical or enzymatic ways or through biotechnology, but not through genetic modification techniques.

The compound should show no strong odor or color when incorporated into a cosmetic formulation. It should not be reactive with common ingredients used in cosmetic emulsions. It should not be present on the exclusion list for cosmetic purposes in the EU, the United States and Asia. The raw material should be safe for human and the environment and have an established manufacturing process to allow for cost effective production. The company is interested in the potential to develop the raw material in skin care products for: skin pigmentation or de-pigmentation, UV protection, anti-acne , anti-aging, anti-redness and anti-cellulite.

Proposals must be submitted to NineSigma by Feb. 10, 2012.

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