Active Micro Systems Now Active Micro Technologies

Active Micro Systems LLC has renamed itself Active Micro Technologies LLC. According to the company, the new name is a reflection of the company's shift in research.

“Active Micro Systems was formed in 2007 at a time when the industry was looking for new preservative systems. Together with Active Concepts, we explored active ingredients with antimicrobial properties. Plant extracts and peptides were potentially key ingredients and became the basis of our development program, but the target became a moving goalpost; how about we not just create an alternative preservative, but we optimize the cosmetic activity,” explained Chris Nichols, president and global brand manager for the company.

The success of the company's broad-spectrum antimicrobial with moisturizing benefits propelled it to look at including other botanical feedstocks directly in the fermentation process. This led to the development and launch of a new generation of cosmetic ingredients.

All new literature will reflect the change; however, email addresses will migrate gradually, so will continue to be active for the foreseeable future.

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