Kimberly Clark Ventures Into Sun Care

Kimberly-Clark Corporation announced a major extension of its Huggies Little Swimmers brand with the launch of a new line of sun care products. The Huggies Little Swimmers sun care product line includes three sunscreen lotions and, according to the company, the market's only patented, self-adhesive UVB sun sensors designed to help detect and monitor children's exposure to UVB rays that cause sunburn and are most commonly linked to skin cancer. The new products are the first extension of the Huggies Little Swimmers brand, which created the disposable swimpants category in 1998.

Huggies Little Swimmers sunscreen lotions are available in a fragrance-free and a mango and coconut formula. Also available is a blue melon splash spray lotion. All three products provide moisturizing SPF 50 protection. 

In addition to sunscreen lotions, the Huggies Little Swimmers brand is offering a 24-count carton of self-adhesive, water-resistant UVB sun sensors. These patented UVB sun sensors are placed on a child's skin or clothing and change color when it is time to take protective action, such as apply more sunscreen, put on protective clothing or seek shade.

The Huggies Little Swimmers UVB sun sensors are offered by K-C through an exclusive partnership with SunHealth Solutions, a privately held consumer sun care products company. In 2006, K-C partnered with the company to exclusively provide free samples of the UVB sun sensors in packages of Huggies Little Swimmers disposable swimpants. By the end of the swim season, K-C had provided nearly 20 million samples of the sun sensors. Based on the favorable response, K-C this year will again provide free samples in specially marked Huggies Little Swimmers packages.

Huggies Little Swimmers sun care products will be available in the United States in April 2007.
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