Henkel Announces Innovation Competition

Henkel has launched the Henkel Innovation Trophy competition. The company invites all independent inventors to submit their creative ideas for an opportunity to be reviewed and evaluated by Henkel. The objective is to add further impetus to Henkel's own innovation efforts and to further develop unique ideas into true product innovations. The awards for the winners include cash prizes and the chance to join Henkel in the commercialization of the associated proprietary rights.

The initiative is aimed at independent inventors wishing to submit ideas that are the subject of published patent applications or patents already granted relating to appropriate products and processes. The company also is interested in ideas that may be the subject of registered designs, utility models or associated applications pending. The concepts need to offer a good fit with the portfolios of Henkel's four business sectors: laundry and home care, cosmetics/toiletries, consumer and craftsmen adhesives, and Henkel technologies (adhesives, sealants, and surface treatments).

Applicants can complete a form at www.innovation.henkel.com or www.dialcorp.com.
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