Cosmetic Valley: Leveraging Strengths

This special interest e-newsletter provides insight into the expertise of a group of cosmetics and fragrance companies within a region of France west of Paris known as Cosmetic Valley. The group comprises a network of businesses involved in the R&D of cosmetics and fragrances, including manufacturers, raw material suppliers, testing and analysis laboratories, advertising and design specialists, packaging firms, logistics experts, universities and training institutes, and brand owners, among others.

Through this innovative partnership approach, members build on one another’s strength to conquer international markets. In fact, Cosmetic Valley was hailed as a “center for competitiveness” by the French inter-ministerial committee for regional development and competitiveness.1

As a joint effort between Cosmetic Valley organizers and Allured Business Media, the publisher of Cosmetics & Toiletries and GCI (Global Cosmetic Industry) magazines, we present this special edition e-newsletter featuring interviews with highly esteemed members of Cosmetic Valley. For instance, Jean-Luc Ansel, chief executive of Cosmetic Valley, first introduces Cosmetic Valley. Eric Perrier of LVMH then provides an overview of research in Cosmetic Valley, with additional contributions and case studies from members involved in various stages of R&D. Elian Lati (BIO-EC), Pascal Svinareff (Biogalenys), Marc Feuilloley (ADIPpharm) and Patrick Beau (Spin Control) discuss testing in Cosmetic Valley. Finally, Alban Muller of Alban Muller International focuses specifically on eco-responsibility initiatives in Cosmetic Valley, and Hervé Sachot of Caudalie provides a case study.

Cosmetic Valley members provide a complementary range of services for the development and sale of cosmetics and personal care products. Similarly, Cosmetics & Toiletries and GCI magazines provide complementary, focused content across the same range. While GCI magazine specializes in the branding, business and marketing aspects, Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine is focused on R&D. Therefore, this e-newsletter is a symbiotic effort between brands to highlight the regional network of expertise found in Cosmetic Valley.

-Jeff Falk, senior editor, GCI magazine
-Rachel Grabenhofer, senior editor,
Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine


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