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2019 Issues


November/​December 2019

Formulating Clean Beauty

Safety and Toxicity: Product Testing

Decoding Clean Beauty

Reactive Skin and Personalized Care

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October 2019

Calming the Irritant Cascade

Barrier-boosting Extract

Anti-pollution and Hair Loss

Preservative Report

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Cosmetics & Toiletries September 2019 Cover

September 2019

Sun Protection, Dryness and Microbe Imaging

Preserving Sunscreens

Probiotic Skin Care

Red Poppy Anti-aging

Color Formulary

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Cosmetics & Toiletries July/August 2019 Cover

July/​August 2019

Social Progress: The Next Step for Naturals

Genetically Tracing Naturals

CBD Cosmetics: FDA Rules

Ayurvedia Fenugreek Hair Repair

Essential Oil History, Use and Production

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June 2019

Defending Hair Integrity

Sebum, Moisture and Dandruff Control

Cross-modal Conditioning Cues

The Future of Hair Color Warnings

Grooming Habits and Ethnic Care

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May 2019

Jasmine Rice Whitening and Skin Protection

Preservatives and Thickeners vs. Active Release

Dry Masks for Direct Delivery

Collagen Fragmentation

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April 2019

Clear Answers to High SPF

Affirming and Fortifying Films

SPF Adapted to Hair

Formulating Feel and Texture

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March 2019

Genderless Beauty

High Performance Mascara

Enlightening Whitening

Natural Pollution Protection

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February 2019

Spinach Hydrogels Saturate Skin

Silicone Stand-in for Moisturized Hair

Beginner's Guide to Natural/Organic

Effective, Biodegradable Film-formers

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January 2019

Illuminating Glass Skin Effects

The Dark Side of Visible Light

Epigenetic Channel to Skin Health

How Cork Can Stabilize Pickering Emulsions

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2018 Issues


November/​December 2018

Soft Focus from New Angles

Passive Silicone Conditioning

Touch Unlocks Skin Care

Cetyl Alcohol's Tricks

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October 2018

Multitasking Polymers

Delivery Duo to Protect/Repair Hair

Visualizing Active Penetration

Carboxylic Acid for a New Hair Category?

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September 2018

Formulated 'For You'

Mastering Microflora for Anti-acne

Optimizing Infant Skin Care

Quantifying Well Aging

Trends in Male Cosmetics

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July/​August 2018

Cellulose Alternative to Plastic

Marine Collagen Speeds Delivery

Biocatalyzed Color Pigments

Biodegradable SPF

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June 2018

Hair Conditioning in Real-time

Frizz, Strength and Color Triumph

Natural Damage Repair

Feeding Hair

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May 2018

Silicone Surfactants for New Aesthetics

EU Rules for Fragrance Use

Pollution Protection and Sebum Control

Passing the FDA's Microbio Test

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April 2018

Total Exposure Protection

Sunscreen Safety Through Photostability

Commensal Cosmetics

Sulfur: The New Stir in Anti-aging

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Cosmetics & Toiletries March

March 2018

Making Emotional Cosmetic Connections

Optimizing Preservative Design

Formulating HD Makeup

RNA to Activate Epigenetic Skin Care

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February 2018

Grounding Avobenzone's Excitable Nature

Ceramides, Restored for Hair and Scalp Health

Cosmetics to Combat Pollution

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January 2018

Cold Stress Damage, Banished

Blue Light Protection

Rewriting the Skin Care Code

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