Cosmetics & Toiletries Sustainable and Natural Formulary

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Skin Care

Natural Glow Eco-conscious Face Polish


This multitasking skin cleanser dissolves and removes skin impurities, gently exfoliates the skin’ssurface, stimulates microcirculation and leaves the skin radiant and glowing with health, while delivering super-nourishing plant based lipids. The formula features Akogel as a sustainable alternative to petrolatum gels and is suitable for all skin types. Apply to wet skin using circular movements and then simply rinse off. Purifies well without foaming. Natural ingredients (CPAI): 96%

Skin Care

Inspired By Nature Ecocert/COSMOS Facial Cream

Acme-Hardesty Co.

Inspired by nature, this silky feeling facial cream is based on Ecocert/COSMOS compliant ingredients, including the the Sharon Biomix product. This preservative solution enables formulators to easily stabilize soft and rich textures not easily achieved in natural formulations.  Sharon Biomix II (comprising Sharon's Biosecur blend and natural phenethyl alcohol) is recommended at a use level of 0.8-0.9% and does not impact formula stability. 


Ecocert Compliant Natural Body Wash

DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products

Skin Care

Going Green Lip Butter Balm

The Hallstar Company

Going Green Lip Butter Balm (BioChemica International's Formula # BCI0803)


Renewable Carbon Index, Ethoxylate-free Body Wash

Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc.

Create a luxurious experience in the shower with this body wash. Glucamate CCO thickener thickens this blend of plant-derived Sulfochem SLS-K and Chembetaine CAD surfactants, giving the formulation a high renewable carbon content. The conditioning polymers can be changed with other products to offering formulation flexibility depending on the desired foaming and sensory of the formula.

Hair Care

Zero-Waste Waterless Shampoo Bar

Natural Plant Products

This luxurious but gentle shampoo bar embraces both waterless and zero-waste trends. It features two natural alternatives to synthetic emollients: Meadowfoam Seed Oil, to impart a rich moisture to hair, and Daikon Seed Extract, to increase hair strength and shine. The formula's plant-based, natural surfactants create a nice lather while gently cleaning hair.

Hair Care

Sustainable Sea Salt Texturizing Spritz


This alcohol-free spritz uses Biostyle CGP polymer to provide stiffness and humidity resistance in a more natural working spray system. This water-based formula helps to sculpt and style wet hair and provides medium hold and stiffness when dry. The maltodextrin-derived Biostyle CGP polymer is a low viscosity, easy to formulate liquid that requires no heating or neutralization, giving the formulator a simple way to create more natural and sustainable styling products. This working spray, based on the naturally-derived fixative polymer and containing no alcohol or propellants, is an environmentally-preferable way to create high-performance styling aids.


Naturally Derived, 1,4-Dioxane-Free, Mild Baby Wash

Stepan Company

This high-foaming baby wash incorporates naturally derived ingredients that do not contain ethylene oxide. The formulation can be used as a shampoo or a body wash.

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