Emma Kohring
Global Scientific Communications Leader, Kenvue

With more than 20+ years of strategic excellence, Emma Kohring is a global scientific communications leader renowned for her operational prowess in multinational corporations such as Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble and currently Kenvue. With a robust foundation in R&D, she pioneers groundbreaking narratives in health and beauty.

Kohring's expertise in innovation fuels her ability to engage diverse professionals and stakeholders globally. From cultivating key opinion leader relationships to shaping executive counsel, her scientific acumen navigates brands to unparalleled success. Her leadership inspires innovation in skin care, beauty, biotech and health care, resonating across continents. With an unwavering commitment to purposeful storytelling and myth busting, she is the driving force behind transformative R&D-driven outreach and engagement. Kohring earned her undergrad degree in biochemistry from Birmingham University, UK.