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Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine has been a highly respected and valuable resource for chemists, research scientists and R&D managers for more than 100 years. This peer reviewed scientific publication provides expert information on new technologies, ingredients, international regulations and industry news and analysis to help you do your job better.

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March 2021

Natural Glow and Well Aging

Playful Product Textures

Transfer-proof Lipstick

Litchi Skin Brightening

Naturals Formulary

February 2021

Protect and Revive Hair

Preserving Textured Hair Products

Scalp Care 101

Sustainable Conditioning

Selective Scalp Cleansing

January 2021

Re-imagining Mildness

Soothing Cannabis Care

Oral Care Refresh

Intensive Help for Hands

Phage Skin Defense

Cosmetics & Toiletries® Brasil

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Published in Portuguese, Cosmetics & Toiletries® Brasil is the primary cosmetic magazine in the region with editorial content developed by local professionals who know the reader's needs first-hand. Distribution at key events throughout Brazil extends brand-building efforts to key buyers at major industry functions throughout the region—the Brazilian SCC Congress, Racine Week, FCE-Cosmetiqué and the Brazilian SCC Annual Dinner.