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New Emulsifying Crosspolymer Gel Delivers Sensory Enhancements

Shin Etsu Silicones Of America
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Formulators looking to expand their tool kit of sensory enhancers need to look no further than Shin-Etsu’s emulsifying crosspolymer gel.  X-22-6695B is a PEG-free, high shine, organic-compatible, self-emulsifying elastomer gel swollen in jojoba oil.  The product is derived from natural ingredients. 

X-22-6695B can be used alone as a sensory enhancer, a thickening agent for oils and emulsions, or as an emulsifier.  The active elastomer gel has an innovative 3-dimensional structure:  the silicone polymer network is crosslinked with polyglycerin groups and additionally with grafted alkyl (C12) groups.  The grafted alkyl groups allow the polymer to swell in natural carriers and esters. Jojoba oil carrier further expands the compatibility to include more polar oils. 

Similar to Shin-Etsu’s KSG-840, the new X-22-6695B shares many of the similar features and benefits; such as stabilizing high internal phase emulsions with large droplet size, and forming water-breaking emulsions that deliver cream-to-water, transforming textures that signal hydration.



The high shine nature of X-22-6695B makes it uniquely suitable for anti-aging applications to add radiance and glow.  It’s also useful for lip applications where luster is desirable.  It is a versatile formulation vehicle to create an array of textures with looks ranging from matte to shine, and feel characteristics ranging from rich and moisturizing to light and fresh. 

Ambient processing is the norm when ingredients do not require heat.  Low energy processing is preferred provided there is good mixing; low energy homogenization is acceptable but not necessary.

INCI Name:  Jojoba Oil (and) Lauryl Dimethicone/Polyglycerin-3 Crosspolymer


  • Skin lotions and creams
  • Anti-aging products
  • Skin whitening products
  • Sun care products:  lotions, creams, sprays, self-tanners
  • Cosmetics: foundations, eye shadows, mascaras, lipsticks, blushers, etc.
  • Hair styling products: sprays, cuticle coats, gels, emulsions, etc.   


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