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LexFeel® N Series – All-Natural Silicone Alternatives

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LexFeel N Series is a range of natural alternatives to cyclomethicone and dimethicone that are ideal for improving skin feel as well as enhancing shine and texture in hair care products. LexFeel N Series are multifunctional alternatives that have unique skin feel and are excellent pigment wetting agents, imparting exceptional slip and cushion, while minimizing drag in color cosmetics. LexFeel N Series provides lubrication and reduces the tackiness of formulations with high oil loads or waxes. The range consists of LexFeel N5, an alternative to cyclomethicone, and dimethicone alternatives LexFeel N20, LexFeel N50, LexFeel N100, LexFeel N200 and LexFeel N350. LexFeel N Series provides fully natural options to formulators with a variety of sensorial and is nature’s answer to silicones.



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