Grant Industries’ Updated Sun Care Technologies

Grant Ct2207 Lead

Ease of use solutions for improving sensory aesthetics, durability and SPF efficiency.

There has always been a need for UV protection ingredients that optimize sun protection, are ultra-transparent and provide outstanding sensory aesthetics.

Grant Industries now offers a series of dispersions and blends that provide high performance. No matter what system you desire—UVA, UVB, long-wear, daily wear, chemical or inorganic filters—an effective product is available to develop an aesthetically pleasing, high-efficacy formulation.

Grant’s UV Protection Series offers complimentary pairs of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide products that may be formulated together to optimize the desired SPF profile. This series is perfectly suited for sunscreens, daily wear products and color cosmetic formulations with UVA and UVB protection.

Our UV Cut Protection Series is manufactured under cGMP guidelines at our FDA site registered facility. Quality combined with compliance—contact us today to discover the ways we help ensure your product’s performance is flawless.

The newest additions to our UV Cut Protection Series include:

UV CUT TiO2-65-SU*

  • 65% dispersion of ultrafine titanium dioxide in C13-15 alkane

UV CUT TiO2-65-CC*

  • 65% dispersion of ultrafine titanium dioxide in coco-caprylate/caprate


  •  65% dispersion of ultrafine zinc oxide in C13-15 alkane


  •  65% dispersion of ultrafine zinc oxide in coco-caprylate/caprate

* 100% Natural origin; ISO 16128 = 1

Grant Ct2207 Image1

Work with Grant Industries to get to the market faster and more cost-effectively! The benefits of incorporating Grant UV Cuts into your formula include:

  • Liquid and pourable format
  • Batch-to-batch consistency
  • Ease of manufacturer/scale-up
  • Minimal to no agglomeration
  • Minimal to no emulsifier is required
  • Excellent UVA & UVB performance
  • Optimal uniformity, particle size distribution and range

In addition, when you choose Grant Performance, you also get:

  • Formulation development
  • Numerous formulas you can use as a starting point
  • Technical and regulatory support to assist with time-saving and problem-solving issues such as formula aesthetics, SPF efficacy, and water resistance.  

Contact Grant Industries TODAY to get started on the SPF product of your dreams and see why Grant is “Where Performance Matters®”.


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