Biome-Friendly Fiber for Active Anti-Aging Beauty - download studies data

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JD Hydro Boost is a natural polysaccharide, suited to anti-aging applications and restorative skin care.

JD Hydro Boost consists of 80% low molecular weight (average 700 Da), and 20% high molecular weight (average 1000 kDa). Repeated clinical and ex-vivo studies have demonstrated the fiber’s ability to penetrate the upper epidermal layers of the skin, promoting the activation of Extra-Cellular-Matrix mechanism, reformation, and secretion of Collagen-1.

JD Hydro Boost boasts the following game-changing benefits: 

  • Promotes skin rejuvenation by accelerating epidermal turnover
  • Increases ECM remodeling by enhancing Pro -Collagen-1 secretion
  • Functions as an anti-aging agent, reducing wrinkles and providing revitalized skin appearance
  • Provides a skin barrier improvement
  • Increases skin surface hydration, performing as well as hyaluronic acid throughout in vivo studies
  • Keeps the natural balance of the microbiome of the skin.    

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