Organic Avocado and Coconut Butters for Skin and Hair from Naturochim

At in-cosmetics in Paris, Naturochim will introduce the latest additions to its Premium Organic line of butters, avocado and a coconut. In keeping with the line's premise, both Premium Organic Avocado Butter and Premium Organic Coconut Butter are manufactured with one specific oil through a controlled, soft hydrogenation process without unidentified byproduct to obtain a solid, to which the same oil is added to achieve a desired consistency. The range is certified organic by Ecocert, each with more than 99% organic content..

Premium Organic Avocado Butter (Proposed INCI: Persea Gratissima Oil (and) Hydrogenated Persea Gratissima Oil) can function as a consistency agent or emulsion stabilizer in lipsticks, makeup sticks, skin care creams and milks, sun care creams and milks,, hair conditioners and hair masks. It has a soft, rich feel, and leaves a comfortable, dry finish on the skin and hair. It appears as a whitish, soft solid with neutral to faint odor.

Premium Organic Coconut Butter (Proposed INCI: Cocos Nucifera Oil (and) Hydrogenated Cocos Nucifera Oil) is an odorless, white, pasty solid that retains a large fraction of the unsaturated fatty acids found in the oil. It penetrates the skin, protecting it while leaving a slight shine. It imparts a smooth and nourishing feel in lipsticks; foundations; skin and sun creams, lotions, balms and soaps; and hair conditioners and hair masks.


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