Sensory Enhancing Biopolymers for Skin and Hair

As a result of the partnership between Clariant and KitoZyme, Clariant is launching Touch of Nature, a range of Kitozyme's sensory enhancing biopolymers for skin, body and hair care formulations. The range will launch under the Clariant product lines: Vitipure, Velsan and Zenvivo.

According to Clariant, the range sets a new benchmark in the production of vegetal chitosan, chitin-glucan and their derivatives. The products are produced from fully renewable, non-GMO and traceable fungi. They comply with GMP (US Food and Drug Administration and European Union), Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points and ISO9001: 2008.

Vitipure ingredients are designed for skin repair and skin protection. They stimulate key cells and the immune system, restoring skin barrier and rebuilding and restructuring skin cells over the long-term. Effects include wrinkle reduction, enhanced skin elasticity and firmness, and rebalancing and hydrating of mature, dry and damaged skin. Offered under the line are: Vitipure Feeling (INCI: Chitin (and) Beta-Glucan),designed for all skin care formulations; and Vitipure Sensation (INCI: Chitin (and) Beta Glucan), a refined grade for color cosmetics. Tackling the specific needs of sensitive, dry or mature skins, potential applications encompass baby care to age repair formulations and include fluids, creams and lotions for body and face.

Developed specifically for the personal care market, Velsan Soft (INCI: Chitosan Succinamide) provides a natural, vegetal replacement for silicones, without the need to sacrifice effectiveness or aesthetics. It boosts wetting and foaming properties, achieving a stable, creamy foam with a pleasant sensory touch. Moisturizing and conditioning benefits combined with a gentle feel make the ingredient suitable for hypoallergenic formulations. As a liquid, it is easily incorporated and targets the typical silicone application areas for cleansing and rinse-off applications such as hair shampoos and treatments as a functional conditioning ingredient supplementing the standard conditioning ingredients such as cationic polymers (polyquaternium) or quaternary ammonium compounds. Due to its foam boosting properties, it contributes to pleasant creamy foam for facial and body washes. In addition, it is suitable for care and leave-on applications such as body lotions, sun care, makeup/ foundations and deodorants/antiperspirants to enhance the spreading of the formulation, to wet the pigments or to reduce the tackiness.

Zenvivo is reportedly the only vegetal-based chitosan on the market, and it is available in two grades with different molecular weights. As a vegetal-based ingredient, it does not show the disadvantages of animal-based chitosan. The chitosan is non-allergenic, highly reproducible and safe. Zenvivo Protect (INCI: Chitosan) is a low molecular grade for enhanced antimicrobial properties, from malodor reduction in mouthwashes to deodorant efficacy and preservation of cosmetic products. The ingredient can be used across the complete spectrum of skin, and hair care applications. Zenvivo Aqua (INCI: Chitosan) is a high molecular grade suitable as a film former in hair styling, sun care or decorative cosmetics or as a conditioning agent for leave-on and rinse-off skin and hair care formulations.

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