Silicone System for Stability, Functionality and Sensory

Shin-Etsu Silicones of America, a subsidiary of Shin-Etsu Chemical Co. Ltd., has launched three silicone products that offer stability, functionality and sensory benefits both as a system or individually. The system is comprised of KSG-360Z, a silicone gel emulsifier; KSP-441, a hybrid silicone powder; and DMF-2, a high purity, low residual dimethicone fluid.

KSG-360Z (INCI: Not Provided) is a crosslinked elastomer silicone gel emulsifyer that imparts a smooth-skin feel and can be used to produce unique w/s and w/o products. It is a viscous gel utilizing dimethicone, volatile silicone or isododecane as the diluent. It  functions as an emulsifier with broad compatibility to improve the active stability of personal care products such as anti-aging skin care, sunscreens, foundations, and lipsticks.

The 3D crosslinked fine particles used for the emulsifier contain silicone chains and alkyl chains, two types of branches that are not involved in crosslinking. The resulting gel exhibits high swelling properties in both silicone fluids and organic oils, expanding the range of choice for compatible base oils. The emulsifier also reportedly delivers vital active stabilization to antioxidant additives like vitamin C, allowing it to combine with UV filters to boost the effectiveness of SPF. This allows formulators to easily incorporate and stabilize vitamin C antioxidants. As the emulsifier contains all liquid ingredients and emulsifies with low energy, no high-energy equipment or heating is necessary in processing.

KSP-441 (INCI: Not Provided) is a unique hybrid silicone powder consisting of a silicone rubber core (flexibility) with a silicone resin shell (lubricity) that was developed for achieving high absorption of organic oils. Because of its absorbability of organic oils, it can be added to cosmetic product applications to control the feeling of the finished products as well as to improve the application feeling on the skin.

The silicone powder helps with the stability of cosmetic products while enhancing the sensory benefits of the finished products such as a matte appearance, silky skin feel and soft-focus effect. The average particle diameter is 12μm and the particles serve as microscopic sponges that absorb sebum from skin to provide anti-shine benefits. It also is said to maximize specular reflectance, giving a matte look and masking fine lines. The powder is highly transparent, giving a natural look. The powder offers swelling capability, is free-flowing and easy to incorporate. It also can be used as an oil phase thickener that improves stability and does not agglomerate.

It can be used in various cosmetic products to improve skin feel and adding functionality in applications such as anti-aging products, skin lotions and creams, anhydrous skin treatment serums, powder foundations and blushes, liquid foundations and creams, hot pour and mascaras.

DM-Fluid-2cs (DMF-2) (INC: Not Provided) is a high purity, low residual dimethicone fluid that was  designed to provide cosmetic formulators with an alternative to D5 siloxanes and D5 derivative materials. With properties of a low 2cs (centistokes) viscosity and near-zero (0.1) skin irritation rating, the volatile fluid delivers an enhanced sensory cosmetic solution for applications ranging from foundation and makeup products to skin care, hair care, and sunscreens.

Due to its high purity/low residual composition, the dimethicone fluid is a  non-reactive delivery agent that easily rubs in and will flash off the skin over time, leaving a silky, skin feel. The fluid diluent system has a higher flash-point than D5 and is therefore less combustible. The flash point is high enough that there is no need for processing concerns and it can be easily heated if necessary. Cold processing is made more simple using the derivative products, as they are often suitable for ambient, RT processing.

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