Slip Comfort into Skin Care with these Versatile Silicones


Biowax® is a series of water-soluble silicones suitable for a variety of personal care and cosmetic applications. Our PEG-8 Dimethicone provides significant slip and cushion in most skin care applications. It is an excellent texture modifier and can also provide secondary emulsification in challenging systems.

Biosil offers three different product grades of this low-odor, water-soluble silicone.  The difference between the grades is the molecular weight and the branching of the silicone polymer.

  • Biowax® 754 Special has the lowest molecular weight in the series and is available in a soft solid form.
  • Biowax® Liquid 754 is a low viscosity fluid with the highest molecular weight in the series. 
  • Biowax® Liquid D is a fluid that can readily solubilize lipophilic materials intohydrophilic systems and provide good clarity profiles.


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