100% naturally derived GRANSENSE elastomers for new sensory possibilities


Need enhanced skin feel? Part of the new Ingredient Toolchest, our line of patent-pending GRANSENSE elastomers offer unique sensory and performance benefits including enhanced compatibility with polar materials such as natural oils and organic sunscreens. GRANSENSE elastomers have a more moisturizing-feel and provide a luminous appearance compared to GRANSIL silicone elastomers. They are ideal for natural and COSMOS formulations but can even be used in combination with GRANSIL silicone elastomers to create new textures. GRANSENSE elastomers can be formulated into all cosmetic vehicles including anhydrous systems, waxes, o/w and w/o emulsions, even powders. Applications include skin care, hair care, body care, color cosmetics and sun care formulations.

Want a matte appearance? No problem— combine with 100% naturally-derived and ECHA compliant GRANPOWDER BBP-700. GRANPOWDER BBP-700 is a bio-based powder comprised of a fused fermentation and amino acid derivative composite. It is GMO-free, COSMOS-approved and has proven biodegradability via ISO standards. GRANPOWDER BBP-700 provides sensory improvement to all formulations with effective low use levels of 1-5%. It has a particle size average of 2-10 um. For sun care, it can remove the greasy feel from organic UV filters and offers soft-focus properties in anti-aging products. 

GRANSENSE elastomer + GRANPOWDER BBP-700 = improved sensory with blurring effect

Pigmented formulations? Add our 100% naturally derived GRANSPERSE pigment dispersion series to foundations, concealers and BB cream projects. GRANSPERSE materials can reduce production time, provide consistent reproducibility and more efficient color adjustment capability. GRANSPERSE pigment dispersions highly complement naturally derived GRANSENSE elastomer and GRANPOWDER BBP-700 technologies and are suggested to be used together in formulations for optimal performance.

GRANSENSE elastomer + GRANPOWDER BBP-700 + GRANSPERSE pigment dispersions = plant powered makeup

The Grant Ingredient Toolchest: An expanded guide with the options needed to build custom cosmetic formulations. Contact your Grant representative to learn about our plant powered options for 100% natural formulations, and our performance silicones for Clean Beauty projects.

Watch our video on Cushion and Compatibility from a Bio-based Elastomer:

Grant Ct2101 Image1


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