Power on through preservation challenges


Velsan® Flex is a naturally-derived, highly flexible preservative booster, compatible with all typical preservative types, which ensures formulators don’t have to shy away from dealing with more regulation, fewer ingredient choices and tricky formats.

Firstly, it boosts the power of preservative systems, cutting the load of traditional preservatives by up to 50% without compromising on protection. Or, for Natural formats which only allow a few select options, it raises natural alternatives to the required performance levels.

On top, Velsan Flex has excellent water solubility, a high Renewable Carbon Index of 93% and COSMOS approval. This creates a unique natural solution that’s proven to protect all kinds of formulations, even demanding ones. Like a clear, high water content micellar gel, a nutrient-rich COSMOS certifiable rose body lotion, or a Natural Sheet Mask, especially challenging because of its exceptionally high water content and large surface.

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