Bentonite Clay for Natural Products

R.T. Vanderbilt Co. Inc. has introduced a natural bentonite clay that is recommended as a suspension stabilizer, emulsion optimizer and rheology modifier for topical personal care products. Vanatural (INCI: Bentonite) was specifically created for formulation into natural personal care products and it is water-washed to optimize purity and performance.

The product is able to stabilize emulsions against separation, particularly at elevated temperatures, according to the company. Also, the clay provides thickening and absorptive properties in masks and poultices. The company recommends the product for providing a silky feel to topical preparations but maintains that it is synergistic with thickeners such as xanthan gum and CMC.

The clay is compatible with most anionic and nonionic ingredients used in personal care formulations. In addition, it disperses easily in water and hydrates rapidly. For more information, visit

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