Technology Enables Cleansers as Additive Carriers

Aquea Scientific Corporation announced the launch of its patented Aquea Delivery System and associated compositions. The system is said to enable cosmeceutical additives that efficaciously deposit ingredients onto skin or hair via face wash, body wash, shampoo or conditioning products. The company reports that in developing the system, the major challenge was designing surfactant products to successfully apply an ingredient onto skin or hair while maintaining performance cleansing and lathering characteristics.

The technology reportedly has wide-ranging potential with wash-on active ingredients including insect repellent, acne treatments, bronzers and skin lighteners, among others. “It was a challenge for us to create a method of combining active ingredients such as sunscreens with other personal care products that have aqueous environments,” said David Compton, president and CEO of Aquea Scientific Corp. and a co-developer of the patented technology, in a press statement. “We spent more than 15 years developing Aquea SPF and have succeeded where many other cosmetics developers have failed due to the innate difficulties involved. We look forward to partnering with cosmetics and personal care companies to combine the unique benefits of Aquea SPF with everyday cleansing products.”

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