[podcast] What it Means to Be 'Clean' in Beauty


What facets of 'clean' beauty are must-haves to consumers? And how do you translate those into tangible formulation characteristics? Tina Hedges, CEO and Founder of LOLI Beauty Inc., explores these concepts in this free podcast.

"For a formulator [those tangible characteristics] really goes back to the brand DNA. And how they are deciding to sit on that continuum of 'clean' beauty. ... For some, it means avoiding big no-no's that are fairly well-accepted at this moment. Like sulfates or phthalates or parabens or glycols...

"And then there's the other side of that, which is a brand like LOLI,  [where you] can only use organic, food-grade ingredients... Even if it's a preservative, it has to be a food-grade preservative. ... So really, formulating, and those tangible ingredients, are dependent on the brand DNA and how far they want to go on defining what 'clean' beauty means."

Hedges continues with other interpretations of "clean" beauty; ideologies such as upcycling, waterless and vegan/cruelty-free; and predictions for what's next in this exploding market.

Listen now; it's free:

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