Face sculpting with rosewood extract, Liftyl™ biofunctional

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Liftyl™ biofunctional is a new and unique rosewood extract designed to visibly lift and redefine facial contours. A natural alternative to retinol, Liftyl™ has been proven to deliver similar efficacy without skin irritation. Liftyl™ is obtained from the rosewood aniba rosodora sustainably grown in plantations in Peru with full traceability and control over the entire supply chain from planting, growing and harvesting the rosewood, to processing the essential oil by steam distillation for the fragrance industry. Wood chips depleted in essential oil are upcycled and used for the extraction of Liftyl™ using supercritical CO2 and a bio-based cosolvent. Liftyl™ is part of a circular economy model, creating value out of a by-product from the fragrance industry, with a minimal use of natural resources while supporting the local and rural industry.

Leveraging advances in data mining technologies, Ashland solvers used AI to run ethno-genomic research in facial morphology and face sculpting as well as predictive efficacy modeling based on molecular docking and in silico research to identify key influential markers modulating facial morphology and retinoid function. Based on the learnings of this research, Liftyl™ biofunctional was born.

Evaluated in two clinical studies, conducted on a panel of Asian and Caucasian study participants, Liftyl™ demonstrated 7 key skin benefits including lifted face contours, lifted V shape line, increased skin firmness, softer and fuller smile lines, softer fine lines and crow’s feet, fuller cheekbones and improved facial harmony. Liftyl™ biofunctional can be formulated into a range of age defying formulations, including face sculpting or facial massage rituals to visibly lift and redefine facial contours.

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