OLIVOIL SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS - Download a a technical piece including formulations for solid and refillable options

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Innovative Solutions for Water Saving and Plastic Free Trends

The new “Olivoil” surfactants (Olivoil Glutamate LW and Olivoil Glutamate SP) are PEG, sulfate, palm and preservative free specialties obtained from sustainable vegetal sourcing, specifically from upcycled olives in the food industry.

They show water saving features, (-40% rinsing water required compared to sulfate and betaines), are readily biodegradable, not persistent in water and not sediment.

The ingredients are Ideal for waterless and solid cosmetics (powders, bars, tablets, jellies) to be included in sustainable packaging, compliant to plastic free and “zero waste” trends.

The latest versions include references available in powder and concentrated in glycerin form.

Olivoil Glutamate SP

A powder surfactant with a unique sustainability and functionality profile, sourced with a process involving the use of a vegetable oil (olive oil) with proven physiological benefits obtained from upcycling.

This surfactant allows formulators to preserve the environment thanks to its suitability for plastic free, waste reduction and waterless applications.

 Olivoil Glutamate LW

This concentrated in glycerin surfactant enables formulators to preserve the environment thanks to its suitability for plastic free, waste reduction and refillable applications (pods coated with biodegradable film or single dose packaging to dilute in water).

The two above specialties represent innovative solutions to:

• Develop products coming from sources derived from upcycling, circular economy and sustainable supply chain.

• Manufacture cosmetics end products with full respect of ecological parameters and preservation of skin health (unique skin barrier restoring action given by olive oil unsaturated fatty acids).

• Formulate in compliance with green, clean and clinical beauty concepts.

Discover more about Olivoil Specialties: Download the formulations book including skin care and toiletries end products.

Watch the Video About "Olivoil Specialties Sourcing & Development Philosophy


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