A Marine Ingredient to Rejuvenate Skin

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A Marine Ingredient to Rejuvenate Skin

Epseama® is a natural active ingredient developed by Clariant Active Ingredients and its South Korean partner Biospectrum. It is obtained from the seaweed Laminaria japonica, cultivated in marine farms on the shores of Geumil Island, in South Korea. Kelp farming is an environmentally friendly activity that helps to maintain a healthy coastal environment.Clariant Ct2205 Image1

Epseama targets the long non-coding RNA called lnc866, whose expression by cells lowers as the skin naturally ages but also when it is exposed to UV irradiation. lnc886 regulates the expression of MMP-9, a collagenase known to degrade collagen type-IV, an important component of the dermis-epidermis junction. By boosting the expression of lnc886, Epseama controls MMP-9 expression and protects collagen-IV. Epseama also induces the synthesis of proteins such as collagen type-VII, collagen type-XVII, and laminin, which are key components of the dermis-epidermis junction. As a consequence, this active ingredient from the sea increases epidermis thickness for a skin rejuvenation effect and prevention of chronoaging and photoaging. In addition, Epseama controls the inflammasome pathway by inhibiting the maturation of caspase-1, an enzyme that initiates a pro-inflammatory response following UV exposure and aging. Thus, it prevents alteration of epidermal morphology after UV irradiation.

By acting on chronoaging, photoaging, and inflammaging, the three main causes of aging, Epseama efficiently improves the skin’s quality. This was demonstrated through a double-blind clinical study conducted on 19 women (over 50-years-old) with a formulation containing Epseama at 3%. On mature skins, Epseama reduces spots related to UV exposure by 10% after only 4 weeks. While dryness is a common fact for mature skins, Epseama increases skin hydration by 14%. In addition, Epseama efficiently reduces the volume and roughness of highly-difficult-to-remove nasolabial wrinkles by 19% and 10% respectively. The results are visible after only one month: pigmented spots are reduced and nasolabial wrinkle is smoothed. To learn more about the product, visit Epseama’s webpage.

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