Croda Constantly Innovates for a More Sustainable Future


With over 10 years of reporting, sustainability is an integral part of Croda’s business, informing and guiding our developmental strategies. We are committed to manufacturing and marketing products in a responsible and sustainable way that benefits consumers and the environment equally. With 61% of our raw materials coming from bio-based sources, the ingredient integrity of our products is central to our existing and future sustainable innovations.

At Croda, we know that product innovation and sustainability go hand in hand. We assess the everyday impact of our products, ensuring that the natural and bio-based ingredients we create are not detrimental to the environment. Croda has developed a variety of natural and bio-based ingredients across hair care, skin care, solar protection and colour cosmetics categories that promote sustainability.

CithrolTM PGTL is a 100% bio-based, non-ionic, water-in-oil emulsifier that offers outstanding efficiency and versatility to formulators, while providing a great alternative to traditional PEG based systems. This allows formulators to unleash their creativity and create unexpected formulation sensories. Manufactured using sustainable palm oil that has been certified MBAL by RSPO, this easy-to-use, flowable format makes it ideal for formulating cold process, while simultaneously reducing environmental impact.

When it comes to hair care ingredients, CrodamineTM SC delivers a unique conditioning alternative to traditional quats, appealing to consumers and formulators seeking to improve the healthy appearance of hair and improve static control while formulating without certain ingredients. ProSinaTM is a unique hydrolysed keratin with an unusually high cystine content, that can replenish the proteins that are easily lost from relaxed African hair with matching peptides. It helps to strengthen new hair, while repairing damaged strands during the transition from relaxed to natural hair

Please visit the Croda Personal Care website to request a sample of Cithrol PTGL, Crodamine SC and ProSina. You can also view a variety of additional ingredients that have been certified across Cosmos, Ecocert, ISO 16128 and many more, with the hope that we can promote a more sustainable tomorrow together. 


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