Shin-Etsu’s Natural Diluent System Balances Natural Origin and Performance


Larissa Jensen, executive director and beauty industry analyst, The NPD Group, was quoted saying, “Consumers are using their spending power to ensure their voice is heard and supporting brands that commit to natural ingredients and transpar­ency." 

In response, beauty brands are increasingly marketing products with claims such as “Clean Beauty” or “All Natural” with Natural Origin Index (NOI) labels based on ISO 16128.  Shin-Etsu has introduced a series of silicone products in natural diluents that allow cosmetic formulators to capitalize on the outstanding performance advantages of silicone products while maximizing the Natural content of their products. 

The three new products are all part of Shin-Etsu’s Formulation Design Toolkit; include a non-emulsifying crosspolymer, a non-emulsifying elastomer gel, and a silicone acrylate film former; and are all formulated with a natural diluent. 

Shinetsu Ct2110 Table1 2

Shinetsu Ct2110 Image1 Coconuts

USG-1011 is a unique silicone gel consisting of silicone crosspolymer and natural-based, ultra-light, volatile emollient. X-25-7055 is a novel elastomer gel and skin-conditioning agent naturally derived from coconut oil.  Both USG-1011 and X-25-7055 are effective thickening agents for low viscosity silicone and organic oils and provide a silky, dry, smooth feeling on the skin and a matte effect. 

X-22-8365 is a silicone-grafted acrylic copolymer in natural volatile alkanes. X-22-8365 is developed as a film-former, and it provides a smooth and flexible film with excellent water resistance. X-22-8365 also can give long lasting effect to moisturizers, makeup, and sunscreens. 

These products can be incorporated to produce water-breaking emulsions that are transparent/translucent for moisturizing creams and sunscreens and high performance, long-lasting makeup with NOIs greater than 94%. 

Shinetsu Ct2110 Image2 Creamflower


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