Water Retention Active for Moisture and Wrinkle Improvement

At In-Cosmetics in Milan, Lipotec will introduce an active similar to hyaluronic acid that helps skin to retain water for a moisturizing and wrinkle-reducing effect. Hyadisine (INCI: Not Provided) is an exopolysaccharide derived from a marine bacterium. The bacterium inhabits the Bay of Douarnenez in Britany, and the exopolysaccharide is obtained through optimized bioprocesses.

According to the company, the exopolysaccharide is rich in the same monosaccharide (glucuronic acid) as hyaluronic acid. The moisturizing and anti-wrinkle benefits of the active was tested in vivo, and the company found it improved skin's appearance, reducing lines in two hours.

The active is part of Biointec, the company's new brand based on non-genetically modified organisms and supported by advanced biotechnological technologies to allow for the regular and sustainable production of active ingredients with proven cosmetic efficacy.

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