Beauty Beyond the Surface-Level of the Skin

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Embracing the "Skin Deep Health" trend revolutionizes the approach to skin care by recognizing that a healthy complexion transcends mere surface solutions. Many ingredients, like Hyaluronic acid, seamlessly fit within the core principles of the skin-deep health trend, which emphasizes addressing root causes like hydration, inflammation and overall skin well-being. This trend marks a transformative shift in skin care philosophy, recognizing the intricate connection between internal health and radiant skin. It encompasses factors such as the gut-skin connection, hormonal balance, inflammation and collagen production, forming a comprehensive approach to achieving truly healthy and vibrant skin.

Lifting Active from the Sea

SHAROHYAL Marine is a synergic and polyfunctional combination of Macrocystis Pyryfera Alga polysaccharides and low molecular weight Hyaluronic acid. SHAROHYAL Marine works on the skin surface as a cosmetic lifter and on the lower layers (epidermis and dermis) to improve firmness and elasticity. It delivers a tightened skin surface, imparts a velvety texture and serves as a surface moisturizer.


Macrocystis Pyryfera (M.P.) is situated near the coasts of various southern hemisphere lands, where sunlight extends from 6-60 meters to reach the sea’s surface. This sunlight exposure allows for the absorption of significant solar energy. M.P. contains high levels of vitamins and oligoelements. Its impact on the skin involves inhibiting metalloproteinases, contributing to the maintenance of the fundamental layers of the dermis for optimal skin health.

Unlike conventional polysaccharide-based lifters, SHAROHYAL Marine stands out by not only providing a cosmetic lift but also preserving the skin's physiological moisture through a synergistic interaction with Hyaluronic acid, effectively reducing Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL).

Elevating Skin Firmness and Velvet Radiance

Indulge in our lightweight eye cream meticulously crafted to visibly diminish the telltale signs of aging, including wrinkles, puffy undereyes and dark circles. Our Age Defying Marine Eye Cream is enriched with the potent combination of kelp extract and Hyaluronic acid sourced from SHAROHYAL Marine, this formula not only replenishes the delicate skin around your eyes but also works wonders in enhancing overall elasticity.


The inclusion of Hydresia Dulcé, an emulsifier renowned for its ease of use, elevates the moisturization experience. Meanwhile, the innovative Epin'Derm takes center stage, stimulating collagen production and imparting a skin-lifting effect that significantly improves elasticity and firmness, leaving your skin with a renewed and radiant appearance.

Formula Key Ingredients:


  • A dynamic blend of Macrocystis Pyryfera Alga polysaccharides and low molecular weight Hyaluronic acid, acts as both a cosmetic lifter and an enhancer of firmness and elasticity in the epidermis and dermis. Experience a tightened skin surface, a velvety texture and effective surface moisturization.


  • A 100% natural active that stimulates cell proliferation. The production of collagen has been proved to decrease wrinkles and fine lines. It extends skin hydration and protects against dryness by decreasing TEWL and protecting the cutaneous barrier. Rich in fatty acids, carotenoids and natural antioxidants, it binds to free radicals and aids in the process of tissue repair. It delivers a skin lifting effect and improves elasticity and firmness in skin.

Hydresia® Dulcé

  • Naturally produced from sweet almond oleosomes, boasts a unique, continuous moisture delivery system that is an all-natural alternate to chemical emulsifiers and other irritating ingredients. Through delayed release of emollient almond oil and vitamin E, Hydresia® Dulcé offers enhanced moisturization in premium personal care and skin care applications.


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