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Natural active skin repair. Enhanced skin elasticity. Improved skin tone.

While natural actives continue to play a growing role in skin care products, Jojoba Desert recognizes Phytoene as a natural fit with JD Jojoba oil and an ideal solution for the ongoing trends and demands for natural, effective, and sustainable ingredients.

JD Phyto-Or 1%™ features both JD Jojoba oil and concentrated Phytoene, creating a novel anti-aging and high-performing active for glowing skin and hair.

The concentrated Phytoene is sourced from a non-GMO fungi in a solvent-free process (CO₂ super critical extraction), produced through a controlled fermentation pathway.

JD Phyto-Or 1%™’s distinctive key characteristics results in an active ingredient that delivers the following benefits:

·        Protects and maintains the natural hydro lipid skin barrier

·         Evens skin tone and complexion

·         Reduces wrinkles and enhances elasticity

·         Provides a sophisticated resistance against extrinsic aging factors

·         Protects the skin from ROS (reactive oxygen species) originated from pollution and UV radiation damages

JD Phyto-Or 1% offers a complete package of exceptional benefits for hair and skin, along with holistic values for biodegradable and sustainable product with full traceability.

To learn more about how Jojoba Desert’s JD Phyto-Or 1% can add skin care benefits to your brand, please contact Adva Ambar, Global Marketing and Brand Director, Jojoba Desert, (A.C.S.) Ltd. at [email protected].

Jojoba Desert (A.C.S.) Ltd. is the world’s leading Jojoba oil manufacturer and provider, based in the heart of the Israeli desert.  Leveraging over 30 years of pioneering spirit, world-class technological advances, agronomic experience and manufacturing expertise, JD provides various Jojoba products and natural active ingredients to top cosmetic brands, manufacturers, laboratories and distributors worldwide.



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