Biomimetic Hydroxyapatite Technology- Minerals for Skin, Sun, Deo and Oral Care


Kalichem is a biotech company committed to the research, development and production of innovative high-tech specialties.

In compliance with the forever growing need of setting a new standard toward the choice of safe eco-sustainable specialties in the cosmetic industry, Kalichem offers a unique family of patented minerals based on functionalized biomimetic hydroxyapatite, a substance with composition assimilable to the physiological hydroxyapatite.

The Biomimetic Hydroxyapatite range of specialties is composed of patented actives covering multiple cosmetics applications:


“APALIGHT” for Sunscreens

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Mineral sunscreen booster based on functionalized HAP, to use as replacement or together with titanium dioxide or zinc oxide.                     

It shows SPF protection boosting features, extra-light texture (“mineral free” touch), no blue whitening effect, photostability and a biomimetic nature that makes it non-bio-persistent, highly safe, sustainable and biocompatible.                                                                              

COSMOS, ICEA-approved, 100% natural according to ISO16128. Included in the most innovative mineral sunscreen formulation at in Cosmetics Latin America.                                                                                                

“DEOHAP DRY” for deodorants and sweat control

Patented sweat adsorber based on mineral biomimetic hydroxyapatite functionalized with zinc and magnesium.

Proven action in adsorbing sweat fluids and malodorous gas.                                                  

In vivo and vitro tested, it works effectively as antiperspirants, despite having a composition 100% free of aluminum salts. 


“KALHYGIENIC” for long lasting skin bio-protection 

Brand new skin bio-protection active designed to boost the prevention activity against microbial infection during the pandemic. It is based on a functionalized biomimetic hydroxyapatite delivering a hygienizing surfactant on the skin (acting like a “leave on soap”) to promote:

  • Long-lasting cosmetics bio-protection against bacteria and virus (4-5 hour activity after single application).
  • Skin barrier integrity and compactness.


“KALIDENT” for long term and smart tooth remineralization

Benchmark amongst oral care remineralizers, based on the same hydroxyapatite physiologically occurring on the tooth enamel (“Biomimetic” concept).

Ideal for remineralizing treatments, caries prevention, anti-hypersensitivity and bacterial plaque reduction applications. Deeply objectified in vivo and ex vivo activity.

COSMOS, ICEA-approved, 100% natural according to ISO16128.


“KALILIGHT:” an active designed for Asian Beauty

Specialty based on biomimetic hydroxyapatite functionalized with glutathione and cysteine; it can promote skin lightening, anti-spot and oil control features and is in vivo tested.

Winner of the award of “skin lightening/whitening” ingredient of the year at PCHi China.

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