8th Anti-Ageing Skin Care Conference

Nov 29th, 2022
Nov 30th, 2022
Royal College of Physicians
London NW1 4LE
United Kingdom

The Anti-Ageing Skin Care Conference 2022 will focus on aging of healthy skin across life stages and highlight the fact that our skin starts aging from birth with ever-changing needs. Scientific research has recognized that there are different 'tipping points' in terms of skin biology; understanding these across specific stages of life helps navigate the prevention and treatment of aging signs to enable and inspire new ideas for product development in skincare.

The conference will provide delegates with a deeper understanding of skin health and aging research from the moment the first signs of visible skin aging appear in the late 20s. In light of this, we will explore:

  • Specific approaches to topical skincare across the decades of life
  • Learning also from related areas of anti-aging healthcare and personalized wellbeing
  • The importance of genetics, environment and lifestyle in line with the latest consumer trends

We will review in detail:

  • Skin health and aging biology targets
  • Active ingredients and formulation
  • Diagnostics and testing methodology
  • Product claims generation and support

Across the conference, we will hear from invited world-renowned experts to challenge ‘how much do we really know about what is important in healthy skin aging in different life stages?’ There will be an expert open forum and opportunities for discussion throughout the event.

Skincare marketing has always targeted different age groups, but understanding the drivers of optimal outcomes [biology, lifestyle and culture] will further anti-aging skincare innovation.

This is a unique event in this important scientific area and product category.

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