FCE Cosmetique

May 12th, 2015
May 14th, 2015
Sao Paulo, Brazil
South America
The focus of FCE Cosmetique is the production chain of the cosmetics industry, especially the phases of production, supply and distribution of products and services, including: raw materials, packaging, fine chemistry, labeling, machinery and equipment, processes, quality control, outsourcing, analytical, laboratory, processing equipment, fragrances, valves, sprays, industrial automation, technology and printing services for the cosmetics industry. FCE Cosmetique attracts a qualified audience of professionals associated with the industry of cosmetics, suppliers, distributors and resale in the country, exhibiting the highest standard of technology, innovation and foresight. FCE Cosmetique is the place of choice of the major companies in the industry to launch products in Latin America. It is the perfect spot for business deals in Latin America.