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Mechanisms of Tape Stripping and Protein Quantification

In this article, several methods to quantify the protein collected by tape stripping are described, including traditional gravimetric methods as well as novel colorimetric and visible spectroscopic techniques. Further, one colorimetric method is described to effectively determine the keratolytic efficacy of various materials in vivo, suggesting additional roles for this method.

In the Land of the Blind: Applying a Single-blind Study to Finished Products

Following positive feedback from a previous column on the placebo effect, Wiechers readdresses clinical study design in relation to cosmetic claim substantiation—this time discussing when to perform double-blind studies and when to perform single-blind studies.

In vivo Quantification of Corneocyte Lipids by Image Analysis

In a new method described here by the authors, fluorescence emitted from samples and captured by image analysis is used to quantify the number of lipids present in the cornified cell envelope. This in vivo approach is fast and noninvasive and could be used to screen molecules for potential moisturizing and restructuring effects.

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