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API Campaigns Against Animal Testing for Cosmetics

The Animal Protection Institute (API), a US national non-profit animal advocacy organization, announced the launch of a campaign to combat misleading animal testing labeling practices...

Oxford Neurosurgeon Supports Animal Testing for Cosmetics

An Oxford, UK-based neurosurgeon who was one of the first scientists to publicly support the use of animals in medical research also condones their use to test cosmetics.

Comparing Methods to Measure Porcine Skin Integrity In Vitro

To confirm the integrity of porcine ski prior to penetration tests, published studies show that measuring transepidermal water loss, transdermal electrical resistance or caffeine penetration levels are often chosen techniques. New results demonstrate that

Patch Testing vs. In Vitro Alternatives

A comparison between results of in vitro and in vivo testing on a selection of personal-care products begins to establish a validation database for in vitro product safety testing.

Using Tissue Engineered Skin to Eveluate the Irritation Potential of Skin Care Products

Using tissue engineered skin to evaluate the irritation potential of skin care products.

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