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The Dirty Truth About Pollution-induced Skin Aging: The AhR Pathway Tells All

Studies have shown that exposure to airborne, traffic-related particulate matter (PM) is associated with increased signs of extrinsic skin aging.1-3 Using model particles as surrogates, these researchers developed an in vitro model to evaluate premature aging induced via the aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR) pathway. They found a new AhR antagonist could inhibit the up-regulation of genes indicative for premature aging.

Can Hair Follicles Be Printed?

A new partnership between L'Oréal and Poietis is giving it a shot.

VIDEO: 3D Printing Takes Efficacy Tests to New Depths

3D-printed skin samples demonstrate the full potential of a product's efficacy, as AMA Labs explained during in-cosmetics North America.

Package Design Research: Your Expression Says it All

A thesis study is under way at Clemson University to develop dynamic test methods that evaluate consumer facial expressions in reaction to packaging designs in a new way: in situ.

Tools of the Trade for Sensory Testing

One challenge in manufacturing is the variance in quality of raw materials; another is the mixing process. Mechanical tests, described here in brief, will quickly identify cosmetics and lotions that should be rejected or reworked.

Tell Me How You Really Feel

Focus groups provide colorful qualitative data that can set up brands for success.

Ansell Addresses Good, Bad and Ugly Science

The good, bad and ugly science behind ingredient "reputations" were addressed by Jay Ansell, of PCPC, during his in-cosmetics N.A.

Kao and Shiseido Tackle Animal-alternative Skin Sensitization Test

Skin sensitization is neither simple nor desired, but options to test and prevent it have relied heavily on animal testing—until now, thanks to Japanese cosmetic giants Kao and Shiseido.

A Sunny Proposition: The Effects of Sun on Hair

While not nearly as well-documented as skin, plenty of literature indicates the sun can have damaging effects on hair.

SPF Testing: Who's Got Their 'Backs?'

"Isn’t it time for governments and industry to standardize an in vitro SPF test to replace human testing?" Karl Laden, Ph.D., of Alpa Cosmetics, asks in this brief commentary. What do you think?

Phthalates Study Raises More Concerns, ‘But Who Cares?’

It’s been a while since a cosmetic ingredient was slandered. To ensure we’re not letting you down, here’s a report on new study examining the negative impact of phthalates.

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