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Intelligent Textiles

Controlled-release of aroma; skin conditioning and protection--what else could clothing do?

In Sight: Color Cosmetics On the Move

The Hewlett-Packard Company (HP), known for its computer, printer and digital imaging technology, is using what it knows about pigments and applying it to color cosmetics, specifically foundation.

Nutraceuticals and Nanoparticles

"Nutraceuticals and nanoparticles ... Not the most logical combination for my first C&T Today e-newsletter column, but life is full of surprises," writes Johann Wiechers, PhD.

In Sight: Formulating For Fido

Formulating for pet care is not that different from formulating personal care. Although it may seem that formulating for pet care would be simpler than personal care, the truth may astonish some.

Macroalgal Fucoidan Extracts: A New Opportunity for Marine Cosmetics

This article explores the bioactivity and historical applications of macroalgae with a particular focus on fucoidans, as well as outlines the research underlining their growing use in nutraceuticals and discusses their potential in novel cosmetic formulations.

In Sight: Lightening Wrinkles

This article discusses the usage of infrared light-emitting diodes to treat wrinkles in skin.

FDA Approves Hair Growth Laser

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a hand-held, at-home device that claims to regrow hair for men and women.

Shiseido Tags Cosmetics to Track Use

Shiseido has tagged 49 different product samples in the Tokyo and Fujitsu Mitsukoshi department stores.

Cosmeto-textiles: Formulated for Function

Anti-cellulite underwear, anyone? High-tech fabrics incorporating slimming agents, perfumes and creams recently braved the catwalk.

Phytonutrient: The New Word for Natural?

Phytonutrients are generating interest globally because of their potential health benefits; they are also making their way into cosmetics.

New Process Allows for Parthenolide-free Feverfew Production

Millenia Hope Biopharma announced a new development allowing for the parthenolide-free production of Feverfew plant extract.

Nanotechnology and Polymer Brushes

Nanotechnology is one of the words that come to mind when we think about what’s new in the world of technology.

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