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Patent Pick: Syncing Up with Consumers

P&G inventors are feelin' it—circadian rhythm. That's why they're investigating methods to find cosmetic actives to go with consumers' flow.

Patent Pick: A New Delivery Trick Up the Sleeve

Henkel inventors have a new trick up their sleeves, as this new patent for controlling the stability and release of deodorant actives explains.

Patent Pick: Vanishing Act to Heal Scars and Wrinkles

Has your teen ever tried to put concealer over his/her zit cream? Or a raw wound? This inventor, from Beauty Blend, has a new trick to make unsightly wrinkles and scars heal as they disappear.

Patent Pick: Lessons in Layers for Skin Benefits

It's December now, and half the world is about to enter the winter season. The experts teach us it's best to dress in layers—not unlike a new patent application from P&G, which describes layering ingredients for skin benefits.

Patent Pick: Bad Breath? Bite Your Tongue

Surely you've encountered them: the office mate or great aunt with bad breath. While you bite your tongue, and secretly hope it's not you, Colgate-Palmolive inventors have devised a new defense to diminish their offense.

Patent Pick: Topical Cranberry Tackles Intimate Cleansing, Microflora Balance

Intimate personal care has a new hero in the fight against infections: topical cranberry. Inventors with Hestia Investments have developed a composition utilizing cranberries that can address intimate care issues without antibiotics or Lactobacillae, which upset the microflora balance.

Patent Pick: Placating Intolerant Skin

Sensitive skin is irritating to the wearer, and in some cases the formulator, but Beiersdorf inventors have discovered an ingredient that placates irritated skin: alkylamidothiazoles.

Patent Pick: Calculated Fragrancing

Ask any perfumer and they'll tell you: perfumery is an art. Just like cosmetic formulating is a craft. Now, P&G scientists are putting this creative process to modeling—not to take away its "soul," but to optimize it.

Patent Pick: Milder Yet Surfactant-ier?

Something doesn't add up here. How can Unilever researchers create milder products using higher amounts of surfactant? Read about it in this patent.

Patent Pick: Solving the Efficacy vs. Irritation Equation

Consumers want it all; products that will clean the "s" right off of "skin" but reinforce its barrier, leaving skin hydrated and undisturbed. Is that even possible? The inventors on this Gojo Industries patent believe so.

Patent Pick: Taking Oily Skin and Pores 'Lightly'

L'Oréal inventors are taking oily skin and pores lightly, literally, in this patent that describes a dual approach using light exposure plus topical hollow particles to treat hyperseborrhoea.

Patent Pick: Seeing the World Through Rose-colored, Circadian-correcting Glasses

The fantasy world of cotton candy trees and rainbow unicorns may be one step closer to reality. For any nay-sayer who thinks 'wellness' is a bunch of hooey, this patent application will bring things into focus for you.

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