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Patent Pick: Elbowing Out the Microbial Competition

As anyone who's a sibling or has kids knows: there's competition for real estate in the back seat of a car. And it's fierce; pushing, elbowing and crossing imaginary boundaries. Inventors from The State University of New York have applied this struggle to a topical that uses good microbes to drive out unwanted ones from the skin.

Sub-Micron Oil Particles Make the Patent Cut

“This technology represents a way forward ... to incorporate functional actives that are not water-soluble into a consumer-desirable product ... in a safe and effective manner,” reports LEI.

Patent Pick: Whipped Cream and Mousse Dreams

We're bubbled over with excitement for L'Oréal's discovery that encapsulated bubbles can remain stable in solution. They may use it for hair mousse and more; we're just glad it's in time to top our pumpkin spice lattés.

Patent Pick: Immersion SPF

Wet skin-application in sunscreens is the latest and greatest phenomenon in the once-stagnating sun care market. But a new invention is claiming not just wet, but underwater skin application. Is this the next level of expectation?

Patent Pick: Putting a 'Hex' on UVA and Heat

Sunscreen developers walk a fine line between protection and transparency, mainly due to the laws of physics. The inventors on this patent defy these laws with a transparent, effective and heat-releasing form of hexagonal prism-shaped ZnO particles.

Patent Pick: Holding Out on Hydration

Kimberly-Clark inventors have been holding out; holding out hydration, that is. In this patent application, emulsions are described that form a film to prevent excessive hydration and, in turn, occupational dermatitis.

Patent Pick: Light-activated, Polymeric 'Miracle'

At one time, wrinkle removal meant invasive measures. Topically, we've come a long way—camouflaging, reflecting and cross-linking wrinkles from view. That's where this L'Oreal invention fits in.

Patent Pick: Nano-bio-vesicles Break the Skin Barrier

Faced with vesicles, 'somes and nano-carriers, the skin has put up a good fight in attempt to keep unwanted entities from entering the body. Have the inventors on this patent application, for hyalurosomes, finally broken the skin barrier? Read on.

Patent Pick: Side-stepping Surfactants for Fragrance Delivery

Surfactants are like club bouncers, keeping the peace between paying patrons, and removing less-than-desirable characters from the scene. But sometimes they can be too aggressive; for example, when night club owners want a nice fragrance to stick around. These inventors patented a way to side-step them.

Patent Pick: Space-filling 'Magic' Cosmetics

A refractive index is this nifty little way to describe how light passes through a medium. It's also the basis for a new Avon invention, which applies optical illusion to impart cosmetic benefits. So, it's magic.

Patent Pick: HA Double-crosser Binds Water, Actives to Skin

The inventors on this patent literally lay it on thick with cross-linked HA that binds high levels of water and forms a film to deliver water and actives to the skin.

Patent Pick: Stem Cell Derivative to Take the Lead in K-beauty

Korean beauty or "K-beauty" has been all the rage on stage in the cosmetics market; and this stem cell-derived beauty could play a lead role.

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