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Patent Pick: In the Heat of Pleasurable Cosmetic Delivery

According to Estée Lauder inventors, personal care manufacturers are heating up the competition for consumer dollars by using heat in cosmetics and personal care experiences. But one particularly chilling roadblock to their development is the need for a portable energy source; as is described here.

Patent Pick: Making Cosmetics More 'Taste'ful

Most formulators (and hopefully consumers) know cosmetics aren't for eating. And if you've ever grazed your lips with lotion, you know the bitter twinge that ensues. But LVMH inventors aim to improve this encounter by taking the bite out of it.

Patent Pick: Saggy Skin? Kelp Can Help

None of us is getting younger although as they say: it's better than the alternative. While aging bears badges of honor including skin sagging and wrinkling, Lauder inventors have found that kelp, combined with Narcissus and a peptide, can extend youth a little longer.

Patent Pick: Flavanone Brings Anti-aging Order to Collagen Bundles

Collagen fiber bundles support the structure of skin, and their disorder and collapse can lead to wrinkling—or worse. That's why POLA inventors drafted a plan to reconstruct them via the flavanone derivative farrerol.

Patent Pick: Solving Aggregation Aggravation for Sun Care

Dear Consumer: Message received—you want more sun protection. As such, Kao inventors have developed an o/w formula that effectively overwrites stability issues of the past. A new patent explains.

Patent Pick: How Low Can pH Go?

The best solution for formulating isn't always best for the skin; take low pH, for example. However, if P&G inventors are right, low pH and skin benefits may be compatible after all—and formulators may no longer be in limbo.

Patent Pick: Thermal Anti-aging Takes the Heat Off of Skin

Chanel inventors aim to take the heat off of skin in a new patent application for a cosmetic powder that exhibits low thermal conductivity to protect skin against thermally induced aging—whether too hot or too cold.

Patent Pick: Natural Oils Exude Transdermal Delivery Potential

It takes some clever formulating to outsmart the skin barrier into allowing allied actives to enter the body. Could an optimized blend of natural oils be convincing enough? Read on to find out.

Patent Pick: Magnolia's Budding with Skin Care Benefits

Mary Kay inventors picked a natural winner for making skin as smooth and beautiful as fresh flower blossoms. Magnolia extract was identified for its ability to influence blood flow in skin, as this patent explains.

Patent Pick: Cellulose Particles Balance the Cleansing Equation

Being overly productive is not always a good thing; at least not when it's oil in skin. And while removing it is easy, selectively doing so to leave skin hydrated isn't. That's where J&J inventors focused recent efforts, as this patent application explains.

Patent Pick: Microbiome Makeover

"Love your bugs" is the bottom line to this patent application, rather than attacking the skin's microbiome with antibacterial agents. By doing so, this inventor aims to decrease mortality among the aging population.

Patent Pick: Achieving an Elegant Occlusion Conclusion

Sealing moisture into skin is one way to keep it hydrated, but this leaves little room to breathe—and plenty of room for improvement. In a new patent application from Glaxosmithkline, cosmetic elegance meets moisture lock-down.

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