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Patent Pick: Aptamer Aptly Fitted for Anti-aging

MMPs have long been the target of research to inhibit the signs of aging. So, the cosmetic researchers on a new patent from LVMH and INSERM are in good company—albeit with a new, more effective guest molecule. This patent explains.

Patent Pick: Licorice Love for Diabetic Skin

Some skin conditions may look alike, e.g., dryness, itching and pigmentation, but they don't act alike. This is especially the case for diabetic skin. Here, Beiersdorf inventors searched for answers to treat these specific needs and found an answer rooted in licorice: licochalcone A.

Patent Pick: Taking Matte to the Max in Color Cosmetics

Today's trend for a matte finish yet transfer-resistance and comfortable wear makes for a challenging formula combination. L'Oréal inventors appear to have unlocked the code; a new patent application explains.

Patent Pick: Chicory and Yeast Extracts Give Skin's HA a Boost

What do you get when you cross yeast and chicory root extracts? Apparently, more than a fermented coffee substitute—possibly the latest and greatest anti-aging solution. A new J&J patent explains.

Patent Pick: Sticking it to Dermal Delivery

The folks at Fujifilm have been poking around at ways to improve transdermal absorption sheets for the microneedle delivery of actives. A new patent application explains.

Patent Pick: Evergreen and Kunzea Sebum Control

Mary Kay inventors have tapped into two natural solutions to unclog pores and treat acne, according to a new patent: the evergreen Psidium guajava and Kunzea ericoides (kunaka).

Patent Pick: Polymer/Surfactant Duo Ends Suspension Suspense

Ingredient fallout at the bottom of a bottle is not typically a benefit outlined in Marketing's product brief. As such, PZ Cussons inventors have made structurally sound moves to leverage polymer/surfactant interactions and put an end to the suspense of suspension.

Patent Pick: Green Tea Stem Cells Steeped in Skin Benefits

Timing is everything, which has proven to be the case in a new patent application from Unilever. Here, inventors have found that dedifferentiated stem cells from green tea provide unique skin protective benefits.

Patent Pick: Chanel Bets on Biology with Sestrin Activators

Chanel inventors have their eyes on Sestrins as a new target to impart skin benefits. In this patent application, their biological efficacy and a method to screen them are explored.

Patent Pick: In the Heat of Pleasurable Cosmetic Delivery

According to Estée Lauder inventors, personal care manufacturers are heating up the competition for consumer dollars by using heat in cosmetics and personal care experiences. But one particularly chilling roadblock to their development is the need for a portable energy source; as is described here.

Patent Pick: Making Cosmetics More 'Taste'ful

Most formulators (and hopefully consumers) know cosmetics aren't for eating. And if you've ever grazed your lips with lotion, you know the bitter twinge that ensues. But LVMH inventors aim to improve this encounter by taking the bite out of it.

Patent Pick: Saggy Skin? Kelp Can Help

None of us is getting younger although as they say: it's better than the alternative. While aging bears badges of honor including skin sagging and wrinkling, Lauder inventors have found that kelp, combined with Narcissus and a peptide, can extend youth a little longer.

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