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Penn State Develops 3D Model Linking Facial Features to DNA

Mar 25, 2014Cosmetics & Toiletries editors

Researchers at Penn State have developed a three-dimensional model that illustrates connections between the shape of the human face and DNA.

Skin Aging Characteristics of Russian Women

Feb 24, 2014Eve Merinville; Gemma Z. Grennan; Vlad Golounin; Johanna M. Gillbro, PhD; Jacques Mathieu; and Alain Mavon, PhD, Oriflame

There appear to be no published studies on facial aging in Russian women, despite clear interest from the industry in this market. In order to formulate products, it is necessary to understand the end consumer. This article therefore explores a recent study of 203 Russian women and describes their aging specificities versus other, more studied Caucasian populations.

C&T Summit Explores Proteomics to Examine Hair Damage

Feb 10, 2014

Damage to the hair shaft can lead to the breakdown of proteins from the hair, which can provide an early diagnostic for damage before it is manifested at the macro-structural level. Mike Davis will explore this approach during the Cosmetics & Toiletries Summit this June.

Plant Cell Technology

Jan 13, 2014Giorgio Dell'Acqua, PhD, Freedom Actives Corp.

While plant stem cells initially were marketed for their technological potential, they recently have been identified as an alternative, sustainable mean to produce nature-derived extracts and molecules.

Visualizing the Impact of Emulsifiers on Emulsion Perception

Jan 13, 2014Chris Dederen, Jennifer Donahue and Cornelis Verboom; Croda, Edison, NJ, USA

This paper describes an approach to systematically investigate the intrinsic effects of emulsifiers, quantify them and translate them into consumer preferences. These are processed mathematically and displayed in a simplified, two-dimensional map to assist formulation work.

Role of Photography in Acne Metrics*

Dec 1, 2013Audris Chiang, University of California, Irvine; Farhaan Hafeez, Yale University School of Medicine; and Howard I. Maibach, MD, University of California School of Medicine, San Francisco

To optimally treat acne, an accurate severity assessment is required1 and while visual assessments have relied on text descriptions, lesion counting and photographic methods, an ideal grading system would be more accurate and reproducible. Further, its ease of use, and time and monetary costs are also important. Here, the authors consider different approaches for improved acne assessments using photography.

Sustainable Ingredients and Innovation in Cosmetics

Aug 1, 2013Giorgio Dell’Acqua, PhD; and Giuseppe Calloni, PhD, Freedom Actives Corp.

Demands for innovation and nature in personal care products have, until now, experienced parallel growth according to consumer perception; i.e., the need for efficacy and the need for purity. Considering these diverse views, this article explores how it is possible to create products that satisfy both via sustainability; bringing natural sourcing to ingredients that are innovative and scientifically proven.

How does the My Library tool work?

Jan 1, 2013

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